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PAL is a 501(c)3 non-profit cat shelter located in Spencer, MA. We rely on your generous donations to keep our cats, and occassional dogs, comfortable during their stay. All animals receive age appropriate veterinary care. Our cats have the freedom to mingle at the shelter. Cat scratch posts, condos, toys and window seats allows them to live in a home environment while they await their permanent homes. Please consider making a donation through the PayPal button below or purchasing some of the items on our Wish List. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. PAL and the kitties thank you for your support!

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Wish List
To make our life easier...
  • KMR (PetAg brand) kitten milk replacer
  • Trash Bags (white tall kitchen kind)
  • Dish Soap
  • Kitty Litter (non-clumping, Cat's Pride or Wal-Mart Special Kitty yellow are our faves!)
  • Postage Stamps
To make their life better...
  • New Cat Toys
  • Canned Cat Food (Friskies is our fave!)
  • Cat Chow (Purina or Iams preferred)
  • Kitten Chow (Purina or Iams preferred)
  • Clean Towels and Blankets
  • Cardboard scratching posts
Donations of Wal-Mart, PETSMART, PETCO gift cards are always gratefully accepted!

Thanks, Meows and Purrs!!

The Refined Feline
We are happy to announce a new partnership with The Refined Feline, makers of modern cat furniture. They design an assortment of high end cat towers, litter box cabinets, and cat beds both cats and cat owners will love. Click this link or the banner below to visit and 10% of your purchase will go back to our organization!

The Refined Feline
iGive and iSearchiGive Pennies add up to help the cats at PAL! Use to raise money- the shelter earns A Penny Per Search. Visit People 4 Animals League at Over 680 stores for your shopping pleasure, including Lands End, Best Buy, Staples, GAP, The Home Depot, and many, many more!!! A portion of the proceeds get donated to PAL! Go shopping today!

Sponsor A Cat
Sponsoring is a great way help out a PAL cat!

Cats accepted into the PAL adoption program are provided with all their necessary veterinary care and reside at the shelter or in foster homes until they find their forever homes. While many cats, especially kittens, are placed within a couple of weeks, some of our guests are older or shy and may stay for months or even years awaiting their permanent homes. Sponsoring a cat will help PAL continue to provide food, toys, beds, and medical care until each cat is adopted by a loving family.

You are welcome to sponsor any of the cats at PAL. Too hard to choose? PAL has created a Sponsor Me button for the long term or harder to place cats. Check the Cats for Adoption page to see which cats PAL has designated for this special sponsorship.

Once you have chosen a cat to sponsor, select a sponsorship type from the list below:

Sponsorship Types

  • $15 - Cat Lover: Feed and entertain a cat for a week.
  • $25 - Cat Provider: Covers the cost of rabies and distemper vaccinations for a cat.
  • $50 - Cat Protector: Covers spay/neuter costs for a cat.
  • $75 - Cat Benefactor: Covers both vaccination and spay/neuter costs for a cat coming into our program.
  • $100 - Cat Guardian: Shelter a cat for a month
  • $101+ - Cat Angel: Provide medical care and supplies for your sponsor cat plus 1 (or more).
Please send your check payable to People for Animals League with "Sponsorship for (name of cat)" in the memo line and mail to:

People for Animals League
c/o Sandy Graeff
6 Kingsbury Road
Spencer, MA 01562

Once we receive your sponsorship, we will post your name under your sponsor cat's bio on the website and it will remain there for a month. Please let us know if you would like your sponsorship type included with your name. The website is updated daily so please check back to see when your sponsor cat has been adopted!

Thanks very much for your generous support!

Friends of Ferals

Feral with tipped ear We wish that all cats could live with a loving family. We wish that all cats could be warm, well fed and spend long days basking in a sunny window. However, it is not meant to be...

The longer we are involved with cat rescue, the more aware we have become of the need to help feral cats. These cats have been raised without human contact and most of them will never become pets or companions. In recent years, there is growing support by most animal welfare organizations to help these cats through TNR Programs (trap, neuter and release). This is quite a change from the past where the solution to the feral cat problem was to trap and euthanize.

PAL attempts to make caring, intelligent decisions regarding feral cats. We evaluate each situation. If there is shelter – and the cats are being fed – we trap, neuter and release. However in some situations, the decision to euthanize is made ending a life of suffering and misery.

PAL is establishing a special "Friends of Ferals" to help the many feral cats in our local communities. If you would like your donation to be used for this purpose, we will honor your request.

Please send your check payable to People for Animals League with "Friends of Ferals" in the memo line and mail to:

People for Animals League
c/o Sandy Graeff
6 Kingsbury Road
Spencer, MA 01562

Thanks very much for your generous support!

Here's a very comical song called Feral Song about feral cats and why we love them, written and sung by Karen Green. If you rescue, participate in TNR, or manage a feral cat or colony, this song is a must hear!
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