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Norman - April 2014

I finally....or so I think....decided on a name and Norman is now Oliver. Reminds me of the old Disney movie of the cat named Oliver which was a take off of Oliver Twist. He is really a love. Such a sweetheart. I've attached a photo from today with the 2 "boys" watching the birds, etc in the back yard.


Chester - March 2014

Chester seems to be loving his new home! He follows me everywhere and sits on the arm of the couch or right with me everyday.

Ashley S.

Cheeto and Daisy
Cheeto and Daisy - February 2014

Dear Sandy,

As you can see, Daisy (aka Olivia) the Tortie, loves her big brother Cheeto. They are 2 peas in a pod. We adopted Cheeto from Pals along with his sister Rosie about 2 years ago. Sadly, Rosie passed away last year and left Cheeto very lonely. So we contacted PALS and adopted Daisy! She is the most loving cat we ever had and she loves her brother especially. They chase each other and play and sleep together. Thank you PALS for all you do!

The DeBoers

Dundee and Kasey
Dundee and Kasey - February 2014

Dear Sandy,

Still inseparable! Kasey is usually the pillow! They are 9 now. We've had a few health issues this past year, but they are doing well. Kasey is getting a bit chubby - she weighs more than he does now - but my vet says that's normal as they age. Dundee has bad teeth - he's had 5-6 pulled and lost a couple more. They both still have flareups from the feline herpes. Mostly, tho, they give us tons of love and affection. They still demand hugs and laps, follow me around getting underfoot, and 'talk' a lot! Hope all is going well,


Molly - January 2014

Dear Sandy,

Just to let you know I have decided to like my new mommy and daddy. It has taken me a little while (3 1/2 months) to train then to do the things I want. As you can see in the pictures I have taken my daddy's pillow he used when he had cancer. He no longer need it so now it is mine. Mommy has learned when she comes home from work the first thing she has to do is set in her rocker and love me for a few minutes. I hope all my friends have been as lucky as me I love my new home. Sending love to all my friends as well as you Sandy. Oh! Thank you for loving me until my new family found me.

Love from Molly (and Mommy and Daddy)

Esme After

Esme Before
Esme - January 2014


These are before and after pictures of Esme - isn't she gorgeous? I'm sure that all of you appreciate getting updates on how your rescues are doing. She is the picture of health. She is really loving and friendly. She sleeps with us every night. Lately I had trouble sleeping and she gets up with me and follows me where ever I am and then comes back to bed with me. She sleeps right next to me. She even sits on the desk when I am working on my computer. She loves Patrick too but she is clearly my cat and bonded to me.

She is the most unusual cat - she sleeps on her back all the time and when she grooms herself and even when she sleeps sometimes, she props herself up on her hind legs - it is a riot - it's like she has no bones and she is like Raggedy Ann. No matter how many times I see her do this, I laugh. Hope all is well with you.


Chara and Theo
Chara and Theo - December 2013

Well I finally got around to sending a picture of the boys. They are getting so big. Chara is a fatty and eats all the time... and even tries to eat the dog’s food (poor Smokey). Theo is still a hellion, gets into every thing, wrecks everything, opens doors, and is very smart. Both guys are very loving and they love each other. They have separate towers to sleep in.. but they like to sleep together. How cute are they! Have a Blessed Christmas.


Hallie - December 2013

Thank you,Sandy, for saving our little girl. She puts a smile on my face every day!

Stacy S.
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