Spay/Neuter Programs
People for Animals League strongly believes that the only way to stop pet overpopulation is to education and assist people in spaying and neutering their pets. PAL works hard to find the best homes for the cats in their care, but the truth is that there are just not enough homes for each pet and shelters are overflowing with animals, especially cats, that need new loving famililes. As a no-kill shelter, the felines at PAL are fortunate to have whatever time it takes to find their forever home.

Be part of the solution!

Click here for low cost programs.

Want to help PAL help feral cats? Consider a donation to our Friends of Ferals Fund.

Pet already fixed? Order a Spay/Neuter License Plate to support spay/neuter programs.

Other Low Cost Spay/Neuter and/or Vaccination Programs

Teach Them The following low cost spay/neuter and/or vaccination programs are available for cats and dogs. Some include heartworm/lyme testing for dogs and FELV/FIV testing for cats as well as microchipping. Please contact the appropriate organization for more information on services offered, pricing, and participating veterinarians:

1. Second Chance Animal Shelter, 508-637-1333 (North Brookfield, MA)
2. CatSnip Clinics thru Second Chance Fund for Animal Welfare
3. Worcester Animal Rescue League, 508-853-0030 (Worcester, MA)
4. PETCO, 508-721-2241 (Auburn, MA)
5. SpayUSA, 800-248-SPAY (National)
6. MSPCA SNAP 617-522-7400 (Boston, MA)
7. Friends of Animals, 800-321-7387
8. Alliance for Animals, 617-268-7800, (Boston, MA)
9. Concerned Citizens for Animals, (413) 565-5383 (Springfield, MA)

Animal Friendly License Plate

The Massachusetts Animal Coalition will disperse funds received from the sale of these special license plates annually via a grant process. According to the MAC website, "these funds will be awarded to non-profit humane organizations and municipal animal control agencies in the Commonwealth that provide spaying and neutering services for cats and dogs. The program will benefit your community, the Commonwealth, and, of course, the animals." More about the animal friend license plate program from MA Animal Coalition....

To order an Animal Friendly license plate, visit the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles.

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