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Fundraiser for Noel's Knees!
Goal: $2,500
Raised as of Feb. 11: $1,700
Noel's Surgery is scheduled for March 4, 2015!

We are half way to our goal! As of Feb. 11th, we have received $1,700 in donations towards Noel's Knee surgery! Thanks to all who have donated! Please continue to share her story so that we can reach our $2,500 goal! Thank you!!

Noel came to the shelter in December as a stray from a local animal control officer. She was a very cute, playful and friendly kitten. After an examination and vaccinations at our veterinarian, she was adopted quickly.
However within a few days, her adoptive family called the shelter to report that she appeared to be having seizures. She would be running and would then fall on her side and stretch her back legs out straight and meow as if she was in pain.

She was returned to the shelter. After a return visit to the veterinarian, it was determined that the problem was not a seizure but both of Noels’ back knees “would go out of joint” when she ran. It was suggested that she should be seen by a veterinary surgeon who could better evaluate her orthopedic problem. A consultation and x-rays confirmed the diagnosis – bilateral patellar luxation. The veterinarian feels that her long-term prognosis is good if she receives the corrective surgery. He also commented that cats, particularly kittens, heal quickly.

The consultation, x-rays and surgery will cost between $2,000 - $2,500. Noel is only 5 months old. She’s a lovely “young lady” and we would like to be able to help her. She is healthy (except for her patellas) and hopefully has a long life ahead of her. We are asking for your financial help in supporting the cost of the surgery. We know that this is quite a financial undertaking; but we are hoping that we can provide the surgery to give Noel a happy life free of pain. Noel and PAL send you thanks for whatever help you can give.

For more info on Bilateral Patellar Luxation see: Bilateral Luxating Patella

Donations for Noel may be made via PayPal:

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