About PAL

PAL's Mission Statement

Founded in 1989, the People for Animals League is a private, non-profit, 501(c)3, organization dedicated to helping animals in local communities. We are striving to develop empathy and compassion, increase understanding, and promote responsibility toward animals. We coordinate the placement of pets into appropriate homes, provide humane educational programs to the community, assist with lost and found pets, and encourage spaying and neutering of animals to control population.

About the Shelter

People for Animals League shelter is literally a home away from home for the cats in our care. The cats here have access to condos, window seats, couches, cat trees and sunlight! There is plenty of room for playing, running, climbing, resting, and of course, eating! There is a T.V. for those cats that like to be entertained by the big screen! When there's nothing good on T.V., there's a radio to keep them company. This limited cage environment greatly reduces stress levels and keeps the cats healthy and happy with regular exercise and socialization until they find their forever homes!

This wide angle view highlights the openness of the new space. Cages are there for new arrivals or for those cats that prefer their own space.

Soft beds, double sized space, and shelves allow cats room to relax or play.

Combined cages, open areas, and small office space provides creature comforts and company for the cats.

There are two large arch windows like this one in the shelter so our cats can bask in the sun whenever they like!

A large outdoor enclosure allows the cats to go in and out as they please. The fresh air and sunshine in this expanded environment is very good for their health and happiness.
Purr-fect PALS Newsletter

Purr-fect PALS is the official publication of the People for Animals Leage and is once or twice a year.

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Board of Directors and Officers

Sandy Graeff, President
Lisa Westwell, Vice President
Diane Mathurin, Treasurer
Debbie Mitchell, Secretary
Brian Graeff
JoAnn Demore
Tracie Gardner
Robert King, D.V.M.
Martin Maketansky, D.V.M.
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